Disaster preparedness and recovery

Disaster preparedness and recovery

Our cybersecurity solutions are designed with a preemptive approach in mind. Embedding security at the architecture level makes a big difference and is all-encompassing. Risk exposure is significantly reduced when IT systems are designed to be secured at the foundation. Experts should cover security assessments during the initial project planning stages to optimize security.

Incorporating security features after the system has been launched may cause problems. As early as possible in the development process, a guiding document should be created that lists all cyber security requirements, including compliance to adhere to. It is imperative to consider scalability so that future additions of end-user devices can be generated without having to restart. In addition to being better managed, systems created using a secure-by-design approach will have higher automation levels and detailed management responsibilities and controls defined in advance.

By doing so, these systems will have a decreased risk of being attacked and will, therefore, have a better chance of providing timely alerts once the company has been compromised.

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Disaster preparedness and recovering is an essential component when it comes to securing an organization.

Successful disaster preparedness follows a preemptive approach, where right in the beginning a guiding document is created, listing all cyber security requirements to adhere to. Cyber72 will assist you in compiling this essential document and providing education/assistance in further recovery.

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Disaster preparedness and recovering

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