Black Box Penetration Testing

Black Box Penetration Testing

Last updated on April 18th, 2022

Black box penetration testing is one type of several types of penetration tests, or pentesting, Cyber72 conducts.The purpose of these tests is to safely expose vulnerabilities of an IT system in order to eliminate them.
These are actual hacking attempts purposely initiated by a cybersecurity provider.
Yet these cyber intrusions are considered ethical hacking since their goal is enhancing cyber security.
The type of pen test is defined by the amount of information the ethical hacker has access to.

In black box penetration tests, the hacker has no access to any information about the targeted system.In white box pentesting, AKA glass box penetration test, the testing team has full access to information about the systems it is attempting to penetrate.
A black box penetration test is considered the fastest test but since the testers are ‘blind’, they might overlook some vulnerabilities.
Therefor the testing team must first observe and collect information about the network they are testing and then employ the tools and measures a real-world hacker would.
Creativity, out of the box thinking and trickery, along with technical know-how are some of the qualities a good tester possesses.
Ultimately, the success of a black box penetration test depends on the skills, knowledge and dedication of the testing team.

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