Compliance with regulatory and industry standards is essential when collecting identifiable information from users (including archives of this data). Laws governing data security compliance vary by sector, as well as by country and region. Several acronyms represent specific data privacy regulations, including HIPPA (insurance), COPPA (children), GDPR (EU), PCI DDS (payment), and GLBA (banking). In order to avoid violation fines, entities and organizations must educate themselves about and comply with data protection laws. Compliance laws are not limited to larger entities but also those that collect an address from an online user. At Cyber72, we will assist you in understanding which compliance laws apply to your IT infrastructure and operations, and we will find the optimal solutions to these regulations! We will provide consulting services in areas such as access control, identity management, incident response, and log monitoring. We can also help with risk assessment, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) solutions, training programs for staff, and data security policies. Our team of experts has the skills to identify potential risks and develop strategies that ensure your IT infrastructure meets compliance requirements. We look forward to helping you comply with data security regulations and protect your business!

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NEXT STEPS: Once you have contacted us and discussed your compliance needs, our team of experts will work with you to identify any potential risks and develop strategies for achieving the necessary compliance regulations. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the process and advise on any changes or updates that may be needed in order

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In order to collect identifiable information from users, regulatory and industry standards must be followed. These laws vary by sector, country and region. One might avoid violation fines by protecting themselves and complying with the laws. Cyber72 has a deep understanding about compliance laws and therefore you’ll find optimal solutions to various regulations that are in compliance with laws.

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