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Last updated on April 2nd, 2022

24/7 Cybersecurity Operations Center

Our cybersecurity operations center never sleeps. Manned by a team of highly trained and experienced cybersecurity analysts utilizing the latest monitoring and event detection tools, our operations center protects your digital assets around-the-clock, 365 days a year.

A variety of advanced and complex tools such as SEIM (Security Event Information Management) and other proprietary software, constantly monitor, analyze, detect and report any potential or ongoing cyber threat. Our operations center team then acts upon these reports to further investigate and if necessary, eliminate and protect the property under threat.

In addition to our robust automated cybersecurity tools, the team runs independent threat hunting missions to detect anomalies that might have escaped automated detection. These methods of operations ensure maximum cyber protection to our clients.

Managed Web Application Firewall

Front end web applications and API’s are now essential tools in the operations of many organizations. However, these popular tools are also prime targets for cyber intrusion.

Protecting web applications from cyber attacks can be time consuming and requires experienced and dedicated technical personnel.

Cyber72 offers its customers a complete solution to your web application by managing, customizing and monitoring cyber threats utilizing a dedicated web application firewall.

Let our experts secure these important assets, ensure maximum continuous operation and connectivity so you can concentrate on running the business itself

SIEM Threat Detection

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are powerful instruments in cyber security operations.

Yet simply running a SIEM on your digital assets may result in multiple irrelevant, or false positive, incident reports.

In order to perform effectively, SIEM tools need to be fed with relevant and timely data specifically related to your organization’s digital assets and their context.

We at Cyber72 operate SIEM tools differently by utilizing information from external sources, managing and modifying the SIEM according to your cyber security requirements.

Our SIEM methods produce clear and highly relevant output which otherwise may be noisy and time consuming on your inhouse technical team.

Content Delivery Network

It’s relatively easy to penetrate a CDN. Hackers do not need to be experts or use complex tools to run a DDoS on your CDN and wreak havoc.

A simple botnet is enough. This is why you need to employ a trusted CDN provider, properly secured and compatible with your SSL and HTTPS.

Let Cyber72 identify, deploy and manage a secured CDN and reduce your exposure to CDN intrusion risk

24/7 Hours services

Your cyber assets are constantly under threat and Cyber72 is continuously at work monitoring, detecting and acting upon cyber attacks of different nature.

Our operations center runs 24x7x365, manned by cyber security specialists who are already familiar with your unique vulnerabilities

Security Management

With the advent of COVID, many organizations significantly increased their remote work and executed digital transformations of various levels.

These changes have increased the exposure of their digital systems and assets because cyber protection is now lagging behind.

A powerful security management system built with the proper architecture, may provide for this discrepancy.

Our security management technique and procedures integrate several standalone cyber security tools.

Scalable and automated, Cyber72’s customizes its security management platform to answer your organization’s particular requirements

Instant Malware Removal

When your website, servers or PCs are already infected with malware you need to act fast.

Our malware removal services include identifying the malware, locating it and the malicious code it planted and removing it.

This is usually done instantly, thanks to our automated, up to date tools.

Hacked Website Repair

In case your website is already hacked, defaced or contains viral code, Cyber72 will clean it up and if a backup exists, restore the site to its previous state.

This should be done promptly, as google will blacklist the site nearly instantly and removing the site from the black list may take some time.

For best practices, you should take preventive measures to minimize your website exposure to hackers by using our website security services.

Website Security Services

Cyber attacks on websites are increasing in both frequency and sophistication.

Luckily, there are many tools you can use to reduce the risk.

Unless you know which tool is right for your setup – your servers, CDN, CMS, HTTPS and firewall – simply deploying a popular website security tool may not be enough.

At Cyber72 we do just that – studying your site components, identifying their weak spots and selecting the most appropriate tool accordingly.

Complete Cyber Security Services

A comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools paired with our specialist team of technologists, provide a wholesome, active cyber protection solution defending assets of various nature and scope.

In a world where sophisticated cyber intruders are attempting to outsmart the latest security technologies, only wholesome, complete solutions can do the job right.

With our actions taking place on multiple fronts simultaneously, your systems have a significantly reduced risk to be penetrated or compromised

Wholesome and Powerful Residential and Commercial Cyber Protection

Industrial servers, cloud computing operations and data repositories are only some of the targets attacked by hackers.

The Internet of Things (IoT), although convenient and useful, introduced multiple points of entry to malicious cyber actors, both in the office and at home.

Now every camera, alarm system, home appliance or controller connected to an internet router over Wifi or wire, is a potential weak spot.

We provide complete and effective cyber protection solutions to commercial, industrial and residential clients in various sizes and fields.

Preventive Cyber Security

A successful cyber security plan of action must include preventive measures.

Actively searching for vulnerabilities and constantly checking your digital properties for compromised components should be done using the appropriate tools and by skilled people.

Dynamic and initiative driven practices are what makes the difference between a cyber disaster and a secured system.

Cyber72’s strategy is a proactive one – we rather be in control and prevent cyber attacks than wait for a malicious cyber event to happen

Software Installation and Configuration

Some businesses prefer to run their cyber protection operations by themselves.

In some cases, this can be a complex task requiring experienced specialists.

Cyber72 software installation and configuration service assists our customers with these initial steps and with ongoing management of these tools.

We also make sure your inhouse systems are running the latest versions, and we modify their configurations once your system and infrastructure updated or changed

Remote admin around the clock

Our customers’ tangible properties running their computer systems are geographically spread around the globe.

Administering these assets remotely is a given, especially during COVID times.

Our 24/7 remote admin services are vital to securing these operations. Remote admin management may be hazardous as the privileges granted may be used for malicious access, so the appropriate measures must be taken to safely operate them.

Cyber72 is using the most secure remote admin software and implements tests and checks on these tools as needed.

Secured audio and video intercom

Intercom units are critical internal communication systems granting physical access to physically secured areas.

As such, these units must be protected in order to avoid intrusion, manipulation and damage.

Intercom units are often standalone units communicating over IP & LAN and they may be susceptible to intrusion and eavesdropping.

Several levels of security should be in place on top of common secured data transfer and initiation protocols. Some of the protection measures we employ are encrypted RTP connections and SIP Secured protocols among others. 


Closed circuit TV systems often receive lower priority rating in regards to securing them from cyber attacks since the ‘main’ data and networks are considered more crucial.

But real time video streams contain rich and sensitive information and the improper use of the video/audio stream may violate privacy law.

To protect these data, end to end encryption is used, still, encryption may introduce delay and deteriorate image quality.

Cyber72’s solutions to CCTV data security overcomes these issues while still providing for the immediate and high image quality required from these data streams 


Complying with the General Data Protection Regulations of EU states (GDPR) is required now from every entity wishing to do business in the EU.

Noncompliance may carry heavy fines. But the GDPR does not clearly define the level of data security it requires, only the types of data, from identity information to biometric data and political affiliation.

Cyber72 is experienced with providing compliant cybersecurity solutions to satisfy the GDPR law, for both large and small operations.

We can also provide for the three data security roles as defined by the GDPR: data controller, data processor and data protection officers


Not all encryption methods are the same.

Different types of encryption algorithms should be used for different types of data transfer, storage and retrieval.

Understanding where, how and in what scenarios to use symmetrical, asymmetrical encryption and which key type to employ – AES, Triple DES, Twofish, RSA – is exactly what we do at Cyber72.

We make these decisions after studying your existing systems and your particular requirements.

Once the proper encryption methods are identified we employ them, test and maintain their integrity

Our Goal

Our clients run complex systems over various network types connected to multiple end point devices and machines.

Our goal is to provide these enterprises with a complete cybersecurity solution so they can operate in a risk-free cyber environment, keep their data safe yet accessible to approved users and their networks guarded against intrusion.

We keep your cyber assets secured so that you can focus on doing business.

Our Winning Cybersecurity Approach

We approach cybersecurity projects using a holistic method.

This approach grants us the ability to provide clients with customized, realistic, scalable and agile solutions to their cybersecurity challenges.

Technology and knowhow are not enough for the creation of strong cybersecurity.

An effective approach studies and characterizes the whole – i.e. the company, its processes, its management style and how it might react to cyber events and to changes in security procedures.

Each of our customers requires a different set of interconnected security elements in order to produce a multilayered cyber protection that acts as a wholesome solution for their particular needs and operations.

Security by Design

Our preemptive approach begins at the design level of our cybersecurity solutions.

Thinking about how security can be embedded at the architecture level makes a big difference and is all encompassing.

When IT systems are designed to be secured at the foundation, risk exposure is significantly reduced

Compliant By Design

Compliance with cybersecurity regulations and laws must be planned for in advance.

When we look at the compliance requirements of our clients, be it internal or external such as GDPR or other laws, we start to implement them at the onset of a project, at the design level.

By forward planning, we eliminate the wasteful practice of modifying security features after they were implemented in order to answer for compliance requirements. 

Continuous Monitoring

Realtime, continuous monitoring and data collection is essential to event detection and threat prevention.

The instantaneous nature of cybersecurity – the need to know now and act rapidly – requires robust continuous monitoring.

Realtime awareness of threats, vulnerabilities and intrusions provides not only critical actionable items but also empowers decision making by supplying accurate and relevant information to stakeholders and operators alike