How to scan a WordPress site for vulnerabilities

How to scan a WordPress site for vulnerabilities

Last updated: Dec 8, 2022

What is WordPress?

WordPress is responsible for almost as much as a third of the websites in the world. WordPress tools are wide in range, being suitable for bloggers to use, small companies or even your larger corporations. It is the perfect tool for almost anyone! WordPress is a strong website builder as well as content management system (CMS), that ensures it is a possibility for all people around the world to generate some sort of online presence in just a couple of minutes. WordPress platform is easily accessible, free of charge and completely scalable. This open-source platform allows for websites to be created for free and these websites are written in a particular programming language which is known as PHP. WordPress is largely backed by a large group of designers and developers who are committed to the improvement and modification of this platform. WordPress is largely available to all users of any level of experience, whether you are a beginner or highly talented in the field. Recent studies have shown that almost 90% of all scanned WordPress websites were actually somewhat infected with at least one vulnerability. It is essential that creators of WordPress websites need to ensure that they have some sort of specialized security scanner that detects the specific WordPress vulnerabilities that might be present on their site. There are multiple scanners available that can help website creators in preventing their websites from being maliciously hacked by an unauthorized user.

1. Geekflare WordPress Security Scan

Geekflare is powered by WPScan and it does multiple things in ensuring your website remains safe. The first being its ability to detect if there have been vulnerabilities in the core, the theme or the plugins. This scanner is also able to check if a particular site has been marked as “unsafe” by Google (somewhat red-flagged). Additionally, this scanner will be able to identify whether or not client-side JavaScript libraries are now vulnerable as a result, which could result in further harm for the company. Best of all, this scanner allows you to run the test free of charge, making it extremely available to a wider-range of people!

2. Sucuri WordPress Security Scan

Sucuri is a scanner that assists in promptly finding if a particular website has been blacklisted

since it has previously been infected with malware or if for some reason it was utilizing out-of- date software stack. This sort of protection scanner is not a one-time use but rather useful

when needing continuous protection for a longer period of time.

3. Intruder WordPress Security Scan

Intruder is the type of vulnerability scanner that runs continuously, ensuring accurate check-ups are being conducted on all types of weaknesses that might be intruding in one’s website. This type of scanner checks for any sort of unencrypted admin services, exposed databases, as well as any other security threat that might be related to SQL injection or cross-site scripting.

4. Hacker Target WordPress Security Plugin

Hacker target is used to check for susceptible plugin, it also will be useful to assess the version of wordpress to see if it is an old-fashioned version, it looks at  how the web server was formed. The process involves looking at various pages from the URL and then carefully scrutinizes the HTTP header as well as the HTML code. There are two ways to do this process, the first way involves retrieving a few pages from the website and scrutinizing or examining the actual HTML code. The second way is to perform a vigorous scan that will try to assess the various plugin modes and users.

5. Detectify WordPress Security Scan

Detectify is a scanner test that can cover over 500 vulnerabilities, helping you to keep potential attacks at bay. It is aimed specifically at the enterprise status within companies. Detectify is highly recommended at this level as it covers a broad spectrum of vulnerabilities or threats.  Detectify is particularly useful to find concealed devices within your system, such as that of spy cameras. There are two modes to detect vulnerability scanning. There is one for inner scanning and the one that scans externally. Most scanners used today look for all the commonly used attacks detectify uses something called “white hat Hackers” that are able to pick up on new and novel vulnerabilities that are enabling attackers to be able to interfere with and destroy systems.

6. WPSEC WordPress Security Scan

WPSEC is a very progressive scanning system that has a folder of all the most recent and harmful bugs being implemented and various security structures. WPSEC is constantly tracking and modifying its folders and hence makes this a much stronger scanner by its constant ongoing updates. WPSEC is particularly useful when you are dealing with a few different websites, WPSEC can keep a check on the various websites from one place. All you need to do is put up your website once and it will be robotically checked for weaknesses on a regular basis, making it extremely efficient. The process in which to get WPSEC to scan is a pretty simple one to operate. You need to go into the websites URL and the website will get scanned as an automatic process. This facility also provides push notifications encouraging you to keep updating your wordpress website. Post scanning you get a thorough description recommending different improvements you can employ. The report gives you the problem and then provides you with the solution as to how to rectify the current problem. WPSEC is not a plug-in process, you simply are able to get access to the WPSEC dashboard, making it more user friendly.

7. Security Ninja WordPress Security

Security ninja is designed to find patterns and code models within your plugins and to then make you aware of any distrustful looking data. The positive security ninja was devised specifically for software developers, it has assisted with the developers being able to develop more protected codes which results in fewer hacking issues. Security ninja has a firewall which is able to detect and block threats. After setting up a firewall you can decide whether to start running various security procedures. These security measures can always be discontinued if you no longer want to use them. This is the basic set up of security ninja. To gain access to the more technical modes of security ninja you need to go to something called security ninja fixes. This provides all the possible ways to get the system fixed. You tap on a fix and you can then click on something which will either allow or disallow that fix. One can also use various firewall settings which provide specific blocks for your website. Another thing this allows you to do is to alter the login page URL. Put a limit on attempted logins and keep IP addresses safe. Security ninja one can also run security tests. There are various options of tests and you can select exactly which ones you would want to use.

8. Pentest – Tools for WordPress Security

Pentests are performed as an official simulated occurrence which is done on a computer to actually assess its security. The aim is to almost replicate the same methods and tools used by attackers to actually show the business implications of vulnerabilities in the system. This is a particularly useful method as it teaches employees how to deal with most forms of hacking in methods used, hence dealing with cybersecurity issues at the outset. There are various pentest tools some of which are burp suite, nmap and wireshark.  Burp suite look out for the entire testing process from the start of mapping in the beginning and analysizing the attack surface, to detecting and manipulating security weaknesses. Nmap uses an auditing method. It takes a close look at hosts which are accessible to the network and exactly what they are providing to the network. Nmap is flexible, strong, portable and easy to use. It is very popular and well documented.  Wireshark is used to examine an application that captures something called “packets” from your systems connection. A packet is a title attached to a particular segment of data in an Ethernet system. Wireshark is basically your sniffer dog within the system. Probably the most important aspect of pentest tools is to assist people working on the systems to be able to deal with break ins from a cyber attacker.

9. Quttera WordPress Security Scan

This system is basically a cyber security software plug-in scan to look for any type of malware entity or any mistrustful movements in the system. The scan is ordered from your wordpress dashboard and calls on Quttera with an HTTP call which then performs the scanning process and in turn provides you with answers of what was detected. Quttera specialises in picking up attacks such as trojans, shell codes and worms amongst other threats. The aim is to search for threatening software that has been covertly placed in the normal files. Quttera is easy to use there is a one click scanning process to investigate wordpress files and to detect mistrustful issues within the software.

10. WP Neuron WordPress Security

WP Neuron creates a system of automatic backups that happen twice in a day or whenever its requested. Another important feature of this scanning system it has a single click system which can be utilised to assess plugins, it can refresh mechanisms without causing any disruption on the system.   The system allows you to show site precise content to put in the exact information for that site. WP neuron has advanced technology and is user friendly in both a small private settings and big corporate businesses.

11. Titan WordPress Security Audits

Titan has a firewall, scans for malware, anti-spam, as well as security audits. Titan security scanning has been found particularly useful with google, and was developed by google being part of their advanced security programme. The titan security key operates as follows. you log into your online system, put in your own password, the system will request verification of your identity with the security key. At this point you will need to plug in the titan security key into the USB port. Or you can do it using Bluetooth.  Then your own security key will be paired with your actual account to confirm that this is in fact you who is logging into this online system. At the point where this confirmation is done you will be secure within your account and you can be sure that nobody can access your account without using your security key. This is a pretty simple and easy to use security measure.

12. Jetpack Scan WordPress Security Scan

Jetpack scanning system is a preventative scanning system and is unable to clean up damage that has already been done by malicious cyber-attacks. Jetpack can be used as soon as you have acquired it. The scan can go through your web site without any server identifications. It requires you to perform a one click action. Server identifications can help to speed up the scans and also to make them more dependable. At the he outset of the jetpack scan there will be two things present, one called scanner and one called history. The scanner allows you a quick look of the network’s current operations. The history page gives you concise references of all hacks the network had in the past. There is a filter to either repair or ignore these threats. The scan is performed and thereafter the person will get a report if there was the presence of any threats. These notifications may be emailed to you or may be found on your wordpress dashboard. Jetpack scanning is done on a daily basis automatically or you can request the scan to run yourself.  When a hack is discovered, there is a one click solution offered to repair the issue. Clicking on the button will give you various solutions in order to fix the threat. Just to note that if the threat is more technical the one click fix will not be able to repair the damage done.

With the increase on a daily basis of cybercrime security it is essential to be completely vigilant of securing website security in all areas. By performing the task of a meek security scan, a large number of websites would be less prone to cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, too many people are not using or are unable to use this mechanism and finding themselves in trouble when it is all too late.

WordPresss has become a common place for hackers to delve into and cause malicious attacks. This brings us to the issue of the absolute importance of continued use of security scanners. Cyber-attacks that are successful could mean total financial ruin to a company or accessing very personal and private information.  Fortunately, or unfortunately people who programme are continually creating new systems that can both damage or safeguard websites. Without the use of vigilant scanning, you will be opening up your company or your website to potential cyber- attacks. A big warning is to not to try and clean up the mess that has occurred by yourself, without the assistance of a proper security scanning operation. These scans must be selected carefully and must be run on an ongoing basis, not just randomly. Generally, one should run the scans after the updates to wordpress have been installed, although sometimes these updates have vulnerabilities. cyber threats are far too costly and become even more problematic if people who are visiting your site are affected by this. Some important measures include updating your basic software. Updating your plugins, be aware of credit card cloning, check for unofficial logins to the site, be aware of phishing and all the various common methods of attack on sites. The internet although a most amazing place can also be a completely daunting place. Use it cautiously ensuring you put all the necessary elements in to protect your site. By staying up to date and informed about cyber security will enhance your business and make your business more appealing to customers who trust your website knowing it is a secure and trustworthy site. Unfortunately, millions of wordpress websites fall prey to cyber security issues and hacking one can not be too careful to ensure you have all the necessary security measures needed in place.

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